Website is a connected group of pages devoted to a single topic or several topic by showing related images and information. To a business, website is a virtual office displaying goods and services that could be introduce and provide wordwide. This kind of office as a website is able to open 24 hours a day with the purpose of allowing customers to explore information, read articles, and purchase available products in their convenience regardless day or night.

There are several advantages of owning a business website, summarizing below:

1. Unlimited advertising

We all know it costs a fortune to publish an advertisement on newsletters, magazines, radio or in the television. With about 150 million people accessing the internet regularly, your company will now choose to have an online present without overpaying for it. Customers are able to access information about your organization anytime and from anywhere, only with a computer/ tablet or mobile phone connected to the Internet.

2. High opportunity to connet and cooperate online internationally

Website operates as a business card that you show the world your brilliant project. A charity can effectively mobilize funding through the website by introducing and providing information about its activities to the world.

Web applications is becoming more and more popular increasing your chance to expand the business. For example, a manufacturer may frequently conduct offers on their website with updated information, thus the ability to match with partners / suppliers is high and unlimited regardless of territorial in a reasonable cost.

3. Website makes it easy for customers’ feedback

Customers can fill feedback forms designed for them easily to say what they think about your products. Website might response immediately to your customer’s questions. You might also add the FAQs( frequent asked questions) page including all repeated concerned reagrding goods, services and your organization.

4. Do business 24 hours a day

You don’t need to close in vacations. Your products are still available when you go offline. If someone reaches for time, location, or any other info about your company, they will access these basic needs without your works.

5. Low labor cost.

Website helps you to sell more products with less labor cost. You can remain sales without spending more on employee’s compensation and insurance.

Creating an image of high functioning organization as you want is achievable.
All dreams start with small steps. Your small business will look like a fancy internationall incorporation just by designing the right website interface.

6. Save postage and printing costs.

Think of thousand customers cards that you need to print so that they acknowledge your businesses’ present. You can save it all by releasing your website info to your customers. You can also collect buyers’ email address to keep in touch for further special sale events.

7. Improve communication system

You can contact your employees, suppliers through the website. All changes take effect as soon as you post them on the website, and anyone can see the updated information without having to contact you directly.
Excellent customer service. This is the dream of any business. Business owners don’t want to waste time explaining to their customers how to use the product, how to install, troubleshoot, clean, move, exchange products or anything else they have to do with the purchased product. With a website, you offer all the situations, creating questions and answers, your customers can find support information without disturbing your team.

8. Being on the network competing with other companies

You must think that the Internet is like a telephone book. More and more people are using the website to find information, buy products and services. If you are not there, your competitors will be there. If you are not in the “Phone directory”, how can customers find you?

100% of websites designed by us support mobile devices.

We have a full range of common payment methods, working in a convenient and time-saving way for customers. Please click here to refer to our payment method.

Time to complete the website ranges from 1-7 days. The more complex the website feature, the longer it will take to complete the website, up to 15 days.

In order to make the process of designing and building websites fast and convenient, you need to prepare and provide us the following information:

Logo of Company, Enterprise if available (Logo in SVG, Photoshop, JPG, PNG files)

Large and full size image of the Company, Photos of activities, Products.

The higher the image quality, the better the art design of the website. Company Address , phone numbers, articles introducing the Company.

Content and articles introducing products, services or partners that you want to put on the website.

Or whatever you want to put on your website.

You can completely reuse your old domain name. Simply provide your domain management account, we will reinstall service for you.

We have a full range of documents, articles, photos and videos on how to use the website. You can also contact us via support channels.

We always have a team of customer support throughout the time of using the service.

We have website care services. Please contact support.

For customers who have used the service at CMS 180°, when changing the website interface to another business line or redesigning the new interface, they will receive an immediate 50% discount on the total contract value.

If you have other questions, please contact us.