WooCommerce Product Management

How to Add a Grouped Product in WooCommerce?

As you already know, a grouped product is a collection of similar products that the customers can buy separately. Adding a grouped product is not complicated and is more or less to similar to the process of adding a simple product, except for a few steps. Let’s find out how to add a grouped product.

On the admin panel, go to Products → Add Product

Adding a grouped product

On the product page, add the Name and Category of your grouped product.

Adding name and category

Next, on the Product Data metabox, select Grouped product option from the drop-down.

Selecting the product type

Product Data Settings

Once you select Grouped product option, the Product Data metabox changes to display only relevant fields required for a grouped product. All the other fields that you see on a simple product page disappears.

Product data metabox of a grouped product

After configuring these fields, you can publish your grouped product. Click the Publish button.

Adding child products to the grouped product

Once the grouped product is published, an Add Product button will be displayed on the product page. You can use this button to add child products to your grouped product.

Adding child products

The settings for a child product is the same as any other simple product. You have to add a name, category, price, dimensions and any other relevant information that you want to add to the product.

The setting that separates a child product from a simple product is the Linked product information.

To set this, go to Product Data → Linked Products

On the Grouping field, search for the grouped product that you want to link your child product with.

Linking child product to the grouped product

Your grouped product is almost ready now.

Hide child product from individual searches

One additional setting you can do now is to hide the child product from catalog searches. By doing this, you are making the child product visible in searches only as part of the group product, not separately.

To set up this go to the Publish box on the top right corner and change Catalog visibility to ‘Hidden’.

Setting catalog visibility

Once the settings are done, you can publish the child product and add more child products if required.

Once you complete creating your grouped product with its set of child products, you can see them on the product page.

Displaying grouped product

If you want to change the order of display of the child products, you can go to the Advanced settings on the Product Data metabox of the grouped product.

Changing the display order of child products

You can also watch the below video tutorial: